About Us


My name is Holly Thompson-Bandong, I’m a non-traditional student at CSU studying art education. My husband and I recently bought a home in Fort Collins and look forward to raising our daughter in this community. I embraced the adventure of moving to beautiful areas as a child with my family, and continue to do as an adult. I’m proud to have spent my early twenties living in San Diego, CA next to the beach and in my mid-twenties moving to Telluride, CO. I have worked in the service industry for over 10 years, having been indecisive as to what career path to take. My desire to become an art therapist is what lead me to the art education program at CSU and know this is where I’m meant to be. While studying art at CSU I discovered I’m a three-dimensional artist. My concentration is metalsmithing and jewelry making because this medium allows me to incorporate gems and minerals into my artwork. I look forward to working in Tamara’s class, it seems like a great group of student’s who are eager to explore creative projects with us.



I am a current Colorado State University student in the STEPP program pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree. As a Senior in the Art Education program, I enjoy the being with students in the classroom setting while developing my teaching education and philosophy. My inspiration to become a teacher originated from the classes attended with many encouraging and masterful teachers throughout my education.

Our ability to create is one of the most astonishing and definitive aspects of our culture. We are each inborn with an individual uniqueness, and it amazes me how we are able to both express and explore those unique characteristics through creativity. I am fascinated with the capabilities through art to transform thought, emotion, and our personalities into a universal visual communication.

As an artist, I am inspired by color, form, and the diverse personalities of various mediums. I enjoy discovering art in all its forms, learning as much about myself as I do about art in the process. I hope to share my passion in art with my students, and present them not only with a new way to view the world, but also themselves. Through process, experimentation, and encouraged creativity, I aspire to illustrate to my students the many benefits that the arts offers.

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